Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do you personalize each training plan?


A. I send out a informational questionnaire to each athlete having them detail their current and past training and racing experiences. I use these details to outline each athletes training based on what they are capable of and what their goals are.


Q. What training methods do you use in your coaching?


A. I am a firm believer that there is no single training method that works best for every athlete. Some athletes excel with high mileage, others with low mileage. Some athletes train better with speed sessions rather than endurance work. This is why I will personalize each training plan that I send out. Based off information the athlete provides me, I will cater training toward their strengths while try to strengthen their weaknesses.


Q. How much does a training plan cost?


A. Training plans costs will vary per the needs of the athlete, with discounts for purchases of 6-months or more. There is a $20 consultation option to discuss your training one-on-one via Skype with Coach Nick before signing up for a training plan. This $20 will be applied to your first month if you decide to purchase a training plan.


Q. What website do you use for your online coaching platform?


A. Athletes can decide whether to utilize a complementary online profile on a user friendly platform where you can upload workouts easily, allowing Coach Nick to view, comment, and provide feedback on your training. Or if athlete prefers we can send and receive your training plans and feedback via email.


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